Friday, December 3, 2010

Life by Keith Richards

Known to most people as Keef, this Rolling Stone has lead a truly interesting life. The highs, the lows, the sex, the drugs are all packed into this marvellously engaging 500 plus page read. In true Rock Royalty style Keith leaves little to the imagination while managing to retain his and his many friends dignity except in the case of Mick Jagger whose appendage is described in less than flattering terms although in fairness to Mick, Jerry Hall has run to his defence and with 7 children to account we can guess that size does not matter!! From his early very humble beginnings to enormous wealth and fame, he and his co-author James Fox manage to keep things tightly plotted but lyrical and beguiling at the same time,you do feel that you are sharing in his Rock N Roll journey and really you could be sitting in the local chatting away about times and places past, he also keeps it honest and calls a spade a spade when he feels it necessary. He didn't have much time for Brian Jones and or New Zealand at certain times and made a rather interesting comment re the much exalted Bob Marley.
All in all this book is better by a country mile than many of the pompous tomes that clog this genre and well rewards the reader! You don't have to be a Stones fan either....

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