Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick

This book fairly well dazzles the living bippy out of you,so much so that you can't put it down.
Set in a small Wisconsin town circa 1907, it charms you, it seduces you and it lures you into the lives of its 3 main characters, Ralph Truitt, Catherine Land and Antonio Moretti.
Each has their own agenda, their own pain, their own need for redemption in what ever form that may take and each can be incredibly cunning and manipulative, devious, violent and in the case of one a poisoner, it is very hard to like them, in fact they quite probably will leave you feeling repulsed and yet little by little due to great character plotting and atmospheric setting you want to know where the next turn will take them and lead you, there is enough sex to make Granny blush but even Granny would have to say that this author uses words in such a magical way that the picture he paints for you will remain with you with a along time after you put this novel down, with all its awfulness it still manages to stand as a testimony to love, understanding and compassion with a sprinkling of forgiveness that breaks through the harshness that the Wisconsin winter brings to its pages and the surprises that greet you and at times leave you breathless.

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