Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Worst Book of the Year...A life in 272 pages.

Every year our little "Book Circle" gets together to discuss what book was each members worst read. Since 2008 they only have to mention the word "Worst" and I spin of like a rocket about Send Yourself Roses, a memoir written by the actress Kathleen Turner.

Now we must start out fairly, Miss Turner is a very good actress and to succeed all actors need to have a good ego, only problem with this lady is the ego never ends! On and on and on she goes about how glorious, how wondrous, how beautiful she is...everyone loves her to an inordinate degree from street sweepers to kings of tin pot monarchies (why Prince Albert of Monaco didn't snap her up I'll never know!) Her achievements know no bounds, her talents are a legend in her own lunch break, she has had difficulties and disappointments but at no point was she ever at fault, all those other beastly actors/directors and the what not raining on her party, give the girl a break!
Truly this book rates as the WORST I have ever read and nothing in the last two years comes close, but as a sleep inducer its a winner! Way to go Kathleen!

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