Sunday, January 16, 2011

Candy Floss on a Sunday Afternoon.....

Who Weekly salutes the brave people of Queensland,

Contrast this with the Women's Weekly cover that salutes Sally Ridge "My Year From Hell" (this woman wouldn't know hell if it whacked her in the face and said Howdy Doody)

The Travoltas introduce us to their new son Ben.

Posh is expecting No 4 and hopes for a girl!

Gwyneth Paltrows frozen face raises eyebrows!

Katie Holmes....

has a big disappointment (her Kennedy mini-series is shelved) she looks a wreck in the photos!

Robbie Raketes wedding had a tricky start but they got there in the end!

Robyn Malcoms kids aren't going to Hollywood (can't see why, its a fun place)

The Danish Royals have two new additions, a boy and a girl!

Nicole Kidman wants to adopt a Haitian orphan.

Abbas Agnetha says Why Not Reunite? How gorgeous would it be ( I saw them the 1st time round so I'd have 34 years worth of comparison to make)

The always well put together North and South Magazine devotes an issue to the Property Market, has a great editorial and some excellent book reviews!
Always worth a read is Denise L`Estrange-Corbet's review of the Red Carpet Wears of the rich, famous and sometimes notorious in The Womans Day, very funny and spot on as you would expect!

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