Monday, January 10, 2011

Girls in Trouble by Caroline Leavitt

This is an engrossing, fast paced book that traverses the path of teenage pregnancy, open adoption, the challenges and the consequences. At times it gets rather complex but with superb characters it takes you deep into the heart of every day people and their lives while exploring in a well nuanced depth the price that is extracted when love, hate, rejection, jealousy, misunderstanding and thwarted desires intersect.
It is really easy to love and hate all of the characters that populate this book because each in their own way draws you to them while at the same time they polarise you and you might even wish that a couple of them would simply go away. The idea of open adoption is one that you either seem to get or you don't and this book explores all the relevant issues, the benefits and the pitfalls, nothing is ever as it seems and nothing is ever as easy as we would wish it, yet at the heart of this book is love and the desire we all have for it even if we want it from those who may not best serve our interests. I had never read this author before but I already have another one of her books lined up, she is very good and if you like Anita Shreve and Jodi Picoult you will love her and if you don't give her a try, you won't regret it and she does a great ending!

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