Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Candy Floss for your brain.....

Depending on how you see things the cover of this weeks New Idea will have you smiling or spewing...its David Bain minus the jumper and telling us all about true love and his new start...

Stars without makeup look like us!

Gok Wan tells us how to revamp our wardrobe!

Elton and David receive a Xmas baby!

Kerre, Mary and April tell us all about their Body Battles!

Hollywood has a new super fast diet craze! (probably the normal two lettuce leaves and a handful of lentils jazzed up)

Eltons brother pities him (so would I if my brother had all those millions) Elton seems to be enjoying his life so who cares if poor bruddy is on the outer!

Reece Witherspoon is engaged!

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are madly in love! Zara Phillips is engaged!

Kate is in Princess Boot Camp!

Ange and Brad had a secret wedding rehearsal and didn't ask us!

Jamie Oliver tells us why he loves to hate his wife,

Cory Jane(AB) is making a big sacrifice for his new baby,

Darryl Tuffey got married (beautiful wedding).

The always glossy Who Weekly has a 22 page Body Special and your horoscopes for 2011.

And its fingers xd all round for Kevin Milne who is having an operation to remove a tumour from his pituitary gland on January 26th.

And a big round of applause for all those who got these mags out to us over the New Years break, they've done a great job, no skinny winnie issues these!

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