Friday, January 21, 2011

Up From the Blue by Susan Henderson

This was a neat little novel, it hooked you in from the beginning and kept you wanting to read so you could find out what happened.
The characters were easy to identify with and absolutely real, their reactions to situations were spot on and during certain happenings you could just see people reacting the way they did because that's what people do, not always helpful and pretty but it happens. Tillie the main character is a delight, one of those out of the box heroines who just engages you and won't let go until you get it, her life and experiences are somewhat difficult but she is never less than honest, equally you can emphasise with her fellow characters and reach a degree of understanding of flawedness with out actively disliking them. Starting in spring in 1975 this book takes you on a journey with a mystery at the centre, a journey that's pace never slackens, where secrets and shame roll together and where ultimately life prevails and wins.
Well worth your reading time.

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