Sunday, February 20, 2011

Colourful Candy Floss

All the magazines having amazingly colourful covers this week, like a summer bouquet!
Frank Bunce escapes rioting Egyptians!
Jeremy Corbetts baby is cute,cute,cute! Looks like Mummy!
Sienna Miller is bouncing back from Jude Law!
Kates having a Makeover!
Charlie Sheen hates being sober (surprised...) its b.o.r.i.n.g apparently!
Christina Aguilera has a hard time standing at the Grammys....
Billy Ray Cyrus blames Hannah Montana for his family woes...
Tamati tells us all about his summer wedding plans!
Demi and Ashton`s body pact!
Tony Veitch has a new love!
Annabel Langbein takes us inside her retreat!
Rhys Darby`s real life love bird....
Shorty Stars second wedding..I paid $2000 to keep my wife!
Justin Bieber took his parents to the Grammys!
Sarah Stuart takes over at the Women`s Weekly.
Its all over for Liz and Shane and there is a Kiwi in the mix, yuck! yuck! yuck!
Maggie Barry graces the cover of Next Magazine and Good Reading magazine has lots of good reads to choose from!

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