Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sources for Books...

I have been asked many times lately where did you get that book?

The 5 places I most often use are: Unity Books in High Street. They have the biggest and widest range you will see out side of the U.S. They stock at the best possible prices and have an amazing soft cover range. While all books are far more expensive in N.Z. than in most other countries, if you want to buy on shore, they are they place to go to and you will get bang for your buck! If you want it right here, right now..if you are prepared to pay they will get it for you from the Wholesaler at the best price and as quick as possible. They will also post and courier to you (there is a fee for this)

Dymocks in Newmarket Auckland is excellent, they have a huge range of titles.

The Womens Bookshop on Ponsonby Road is also very good, very up to date.

www.BookDepository.Com , all the latest, cheap as chips, free shipping and excellent service. There is no doubt that retailers simply can't compete with them and while this is sad its a great option if you have limited funds, 7-10 days is the average delivery time and they are so easy to deal with.

Auckland City Libraries...with 55 branches and a billion books (I would guess) no hold charge, they can get you almost anything you could want and quick interloan service. If you don't want to buy this is the way to go if you live in Aucks, I use it alot now days especially if its a hardback and I don't want to risk not liking it. They have a lot of Authors whose books are not readily available here, it can be a great way to source Authors you might/might not like.

For those Bestsellers my local Whitcoulls and Paper Plus do a great job.

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