Sunday, May 29, 2011

Very changeable Candy Floss Weather......

Kim Kardashian is engaged...lets see where this goes!
Meet baby Faith Urban(very cute as is her sister)
Blake Lively and Leo DiCaprio are getting hot!
The American Music Awards brought out the weird, wild and wacky!! (plus some good music.)
Barack and Michelle meet William and Kate...Michelle Obamas style leaves you breathless!
The Yellow Wiggle has lost millions....
Beatrice is losing heaps of weight and looking a wee bit too tiny.
Arnies list of indiscretion's grows by the day and so does the outright tackiness that this man subjected his family too, beyond Yuck!!
Rachel Weiss and Daniel Craig are up close and personal in the city of love....
Brad fears for his skinny partner....
Nicky and Sally strut their stuff...
Kiwi drug mule was blinded by love and probably a lack of brain power as well!!
Stedman speaks out and tells us nothing...
Courtney and David hang tight!
Paul Henry - whose book is out next week and Darren Hughes hang out.
Uma Thurman looks amazing at the Cannes Film Festival!
Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp plan to marry pronto but alas his divorces is not through!
Lily Allen has her Hens Do,
Tamati Ellison gets married,
Willow,Jaden,Prince Michael,Paris and Blanket bond,
Toni Collette takes son Arlo for a walk, while Jessica Alba waits for daughter No2!
Jeff Conway from Taxi and Grease has passed, so sad that such a handsome, talented man could not defeat his demons and became their victim.

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