Sunday, June 5, 2011

Queens Birthday Candy Floss....

Its nice to have a holiday in her Majesty's name, especially when the sun comes out and you feel as if you are Trooping the Colour!
Metro is out...Best Restaurants Issue, cute cover, Sex, Drugs and Horse Racing!  The great Albany Property Scandal and why are Charity Art Auctions struggling plus a free booklet detailing our 50 Best Restaurants.
The Australian Womens Weekly has Princess Catherine on the cover and asks who is Justin Bieber?
Brad and Ange are ready to wed!
Danni and Kris are rocky...he feels like an employee.
Octomum resents her Kids...really?
Celebrities are hitting the beaches!
A week with the Kardashians....we can but dream!
Shorty Street Stars Secret family revealed...
A-Rod dumps Cameron...
Liz Hurley shares her secrets to staying young (one can only imagine)
Prince Albert has Wedding jitters.....hello!
Michael Laws ex has a toyboy....
Lindsay's off the rails again....
January Jones big secret...rumour has it that Claudia Schiffers husband may be involved.
The Grease Curse....
Who are the real fathers of Michael Jacksons children?
Are Sean and Scarlett through?
Does Johnny Depp have another woman?
Billy Bob Thorntons daughter is convicted of murdering a child,  Mariah may have had a drink or two and what did Maria Shriver really know about the behaviour of her Sperminator husband Arnie???

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