Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Family Law by Benjamin Law

Basically the story of Benjamin Law`s family this is a very well written and very funny book. He pulls a few punches and uses a few unique and special words in the book to describe certain feelings, places and people ,their reactions and behaviours especially when confronted with the different and difficult in life, he never loses perspective and never fails to pop someones balloon when able to.
I liked his description of a family sleeping in and having to rush to get to School on time, alarmingly realistic! His dads Asian Grocery Store and his clumsiness when attending to customers, his mum telling her children that they shouldn't have any and given the choice she wouldn`t bother having them! How his dad believed everything he read in the Cantonese tabloids..the half pig story..stands alone! Witty, lively, full of delicate descriptive phrases and family stories that you will all recognise, I loved it. I would not however give it to Granny unless she has a great sense of humour, I would however give it to almost everyone else. Feeling a bit down, a wee bit sad, this book will soon have you laughing and do as he did..attempt to write down 10 things you know about your Dad or Mum without repeating yourself!
Thank you to Claire Hammon who is very good at choosing books for me to read!

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