Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer in the South by Cathy Holton

I was a little surprised that I liked this as much as I did as normally this type of book although set in Tennessee (I love the south)isn`t my kind of book.
The story of Ava a writer in Chicago and her friend Will from an old Southern family, it darts from the present into the past using narrative voices as appropriate to the time. It is riven with secrets and peppered with atmosphere and darn right spooky in places.
What passes for one thing turns out to be something entirely different .The finely wrought characters are two dimensional to say the least and their motives and agendas keep this book running along at a great pace.
The chance to relax and get over heart break while attempting to write her first novel is foremost in Ava`s mind when she sets of to Tennessee, an aborted visit to her supposed father neatly hedged in between destinations and a funny feeling about her friend Will accompanying her, what is it? Well you have to read to find out, the secrets are drawn out slowly and tightly, the journal and diary entries add spice, all in all a very good read. A story well written, a tale well told.

I look forward to reading more from Cathy Holton.

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