Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fashion Week Candy Floss....

A big week for Auckland's Fashionistas! Have a great time!
Rod Stewart is a Grandad...and the whole family is united in support.
Could it be that Will Smith caught his wife with Marc Anthony?
Kate Winslets night of terror!
Olivia Newton Johns daughter calls time on her engagement!
The Obamas go biking...
Jeremy Corbett tells why he quit his radio show...
Johnny Depp goes swimming!
Sean Fitzpatrick cools down in St Tropez after he shows what a fool and his desire for money look like, shame he didn't show up here and apologise for having such poor judgement.
Mike Kings ex speaks out...drug and booze killed their marriage.
Posh can't cope!
The Kerr/Blooms hit Wellington and so did Evangeline Lilly en famille!!
Ryan and Sandras romance hots up...
Jen plans the nursery...she'd like twins, wouldn't we all!!
Beyonce is on baby count down...yes, no or maybe to that one!
Fergie claims to be a work in progress...mind numbingly slow progress, not helped by conducting a very petulant 60 minutes interview in a dress that was so tight it couldn't be zipped up and heels so high, she was lucky not to end arse up when she stormed of set!
Have you go specs appeal? if so Colin Mathura-Jeffree and Denise L`Estrange-Corbet, want to hear from you, they are the judges for this years Specsavers Spectacle Wearer Competition and it looks like great fun!!
Kate and Pippa in secret baby talks...
All the Kardashian Wedding Stuff, Official photos, party, gowns. glitz and glamour in this weeks WHO...over the top to say the least!
Brooke and Charlie holiday together...she`s supposed to be rehabbing but hey what?
Metro is out...Jane Ussher`s portraits of the All Blacks( do we care) The meaning of rugby( do we care), The new Auckland Art Gallery, The magnificent Sevens( all models), Secrets and Guides for those living and visiting Auks for the RWC, Karl Maughan has one of his prints turned into the most beautiful dress by the Stolen Girlfriends Club, Elizabeth Finlay reveals her favourite things and Ricardo Simich holds the whip hand at Fashion Week.
The Duchess of Alba at 85 is remarrying to a gentlemen 25 years her junior, she has dispersed her fortune so he can`t be called a gold digger and as her 2 previous marriages were until death parted them, who may be love.
Lastly a mention of the new book due from Paul Holmes...Daughters of Erebus which attempts to right the terrible wrong done to the families of the pilots who flew the flight that never returned, and seared a nation.
Good on Paul for putting in the time, the effort and energy and for caring. Looking forward to reading this.

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