Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon

There are very few books that make me cry but this is one of them and not just once. This book and I however did not get of to the best of starts even though I was very much looking forward to reading it, I couldn't get into it and started to think Oh No when all of a sudden the voice within that had told me to keep going won out and everything went click! And never stopped.
The remarkable story of Homan and Lynnie, who are deaf starts with a bang and takes you on the most unexpected Road Trip your ever likely to take. The words the author uses paint a portrait which both captivates and rewards the reader, rich and evocative, damming and searing, heartbreaking and loving, it is just the most wonderful story of the mountains that love, empathy and persistence can push aside, even if it takes time. Weaving the interlocking stories using different narrative voices can sometimes present the reader with a challenge but in this case it simply gives more power to the story and takes you into the lives of the central and supporting characters in a manner that enhances the story, it shows the power and ability of Rachel Simon to be able to do this and for it to work. The book is a light that tells a story that many disabled people and their families would well recognise. It also has a bundle of humour and some wonderful adventures that are unexpected in so much as you might not expect them to be the experience of the disabled well that's my lack of knowledge not theirs. Never will I forget the Healing Service and the unexpected consequences or all the spot on names that Homan gave to those he encountered along the way, his was a rare and wry genius when it came to summing up people, Lynnie so artistically gifted, a gift that so easily could have been over looked and not nurtured and those who loved and supported them as their paths crossed.
To tell you anything more would spoil your experience but this is a book I will never forget and I will forever be grateful that I listened and kept reading. In case you didn`t realise it I loved this book! I could have actually finished reading it a couple of days ago but I couldn`t  bring myself to do so.
Available in Soft Cover from all good bookshops.

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