Friday, October 14, 2011

The Queens Dolls House by Lucinda Lambton

In the early 1920`s a magnificent Dolls House was constructed in miniature for Queen Mary, who loved all things miniature. The handiwork of the best designers lead by Sir Edwin Lutyens and a team put together by himself and Queen Victoria`s granddaughter Princess Marie Louise constructed a replica of an Upper Crust Home that was certainly fit for the Queen and her King. The very best of materials available at minimal cost was used and not a single thing that a home of those times might have had was overlooked. The best Artists and Authors contributed, the results which can be viewed on tours of Windsor Castle( when her Maj is not in residence) are breathtaking and leave as they were designed to a wonderful footprint of history in that time.
This book, a smallish coffee table edition is simply divine, beautifully put together, edited and illustrated, many personal touches in correspondence between the various parties give you a insight of their thoughts and desires regarding this project, you are very well guided to the minutate and detail that made this House a wonder to behold not just to those who worked on it but to the Queen and King and their family and to all those who enjoyed it when it was sent out on exhibition as a fund raiser for the Queens charity.
This is a book for all who love Dolls Houses, History, Design and who appreciate the wonderfulness and joy that these things can bring. It would make a wonderful Xmas present especially for a Grandparent with a bent towards history.

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