Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Home Candy Floss...

Well Will and Kate are apparently getting one and so is Harry!
Peta Mathias tells us how she was always the naughty one... hardly a surprise.
The backlash starts to hit the Kardashian clan and her ex Kiwi bodyguard shares their closeness...interesting to see Khloe Kardashian mouthing of on Twitter the other night..appalling lack of dignity malfunction!
Gary McCormick shows his twin girls and announces that the pitter of tiny feet is on its way again, he`s only 60 so watch this space!
Dawn French is looking rather smallish these days...
Susan Sarandon`s daughter Eva gets married and all the family is there including Tim Robbins.
MTV`s music and madness...
Jen`s baby dream appears shattered....
Mariah Carey shares...How she got her body back but does anyone really care???
Kate, Cameron and Drew have a night out.
Wow! Kylie Minogue`s face is wrinkle free and that forehead could belong to a baby...botox anyone??
Little Harper Beckham snuggles with Eva Longoria.. cute as!
Twilight is upon us again...
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are together again...Justin`s Mummy really likes Jess.
Who Weekly has its annual Sexiest People issue.. action packed!
Justin, Selena and the Hoff.. what a trio and where does baby Tristyn fit in!
Lindsay goes in and out of Jail, justice to take out anyone?
Conrad Murray is convicted of manslaughter.
Pippa breaks down...the spotlight is harsh.
Kim Kardashian tells how everyone hates her...gee wonder why?
North and South Magazine is out with its Real Estate Special Issue...Buy, Sell or wait and See?
How a good and devoted Son came to give his mother morphine and helped her to die.
How will a rebuilt Christchurch look?
School Dental Clinics in crisis..
Deborah Coddington asks are we suffering from Child Abuse Fatigue... well it just keeps on happening so something is not working?
Putting the pieces of a historical adventure puzzle together, great columns and a free Jo Seagar Classics Cookbook!
Kim Kardashian asks Does anyone understand me? Oh yes dear we do!
Do you feel conned asks Kim? No not at all...there must be a desperate Lothario who can take this ghastly woman...hands up guys! Hell Italy needs a new President...she couldn't be worse that Silvio!

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