Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Vanity Fair Magazine December 2011

With Scarlett Johansson on the cover, this issue fairly shimmers and that's without the gold title embossing.
The Murdoch children it appears are not happy about succession issues, nor are they happy about Daddy`s wife Wendi`s influence or the possibility that her two daughters with Murdoch may find away to trump them all!
Christopher Hitchens is not happy with Jackie, the release of The Jackie Tapes has left him feeling that Jackie was quite a different personality than the subservient one painted during her marriage to JFK.
When Margaret Thatcher wore the pants...and ruled with a velvet fist!
The Winklevoss Twins cannot stop pursing Mark Zuckerberg but its not more money they want...its Justice!
Michael J. Fox does the Proust Questionnaire...
The cast of The Hunger Games are spotlighted, including young Jack Quaid who is Meg Ryan and Dennis Quiad`s son.
Michael Bastian shares his Stuff...
Martha Freud shares her life in Private Lives...
The F.B.I.`s First Lady...
50 years after it was published could One Flew Over the Cuckoo`s Nest inspire a new generation of rebels? Great movie too.
Hall of Fame...Best Friends Animal Society.
Hot reels and Hot type...
A gorgeous gift guide... to die for actually.
The devastating impact that followed an ambush in Afghanistan and the lives that were lost and upended as a result.
Graydon Carter pays tribute to late Super Agent to the Stars Sue Mengers and met the brilliant, quirky Professor who made Moneyball possible.
And that's 2011 wrapped up Vanity Fair Style.

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