Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Inside The Mind of Casey Anthony...A Psychological Portrait by Keith Ablow, M.D.

This is book number 2 on this case for me and while the subject is not pleasant the book was a very engaging and interesting read. I had read Ablow`s book on Scott Peterson and found that to be rather insightful into why anyone would do these ghastly things.
This book was well written and researched and filled in a lot of gaps that helped me to understand Casey Anthony and her totally yucky family and it helped to paint a clearer picture of why and how a person can simply and utterly lie through their head and move on, its a pattern we saw in the Australian case of Tegan Lane whose mother Keli is in jail for her murder. The ability to lie and disseminate in both cases is shockingly similar.
It also leaves you reeling from the implication that exactly what happened to Caylee may never be known although Ablow offers 5 possible theories and one of them is bound to be correct and the fact is that no one is ever likely to be held accountable for this child's death. There are some stunning revelations about the Anthony family in this book, almost all backed up with witness accounts and you have to admire the courage of some extended family members and friends who believe the truth should be out there.
There is talk that Casey Anthony is shopping a book deal to publishers but how on earth would they know weather or not she was telling the truth?
This book is available through the Auckland City Library System.

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