Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fairy Tale Interrupted by Rosemarie Terenzio

When I started reading this book I felt that I was headed for disappointment but I can say having finished it, I was not. It just took me awhile to be able to relate to RoseMarie, her insecurities and her terribly anxiety about almost everything.
An ordinary girl from the Bronx she rose by complete surprise to become John F Kennedy Jr's, Everything Business wise and she also became very friendly with Carolyn his wife, which caused further dramatics of its own. A very hard worker, who wanted to please there is little doubt that her contribution to John`s life was major and that he would not have functioned well without her, she had his back, she was smart, savvy and knew how to say no, equally he made it possible for her to have a life that she could never have dreamed of, very few things that could happen didn`t happen...RoseMarie got to go to all sorts of places, met all sorts of people and every summer got a week in Hyannis at John`s house.
For all his charm and affability, he could pitch a fit and throw a tantrum often ill directed, he could be sulky and unpredictable, Rosie as he called her could also pitch a fit and should she feel the need, she could sulk a little.
Equally he was kind, generous, supportive, loyal and devoted to Rosie and she to him.
One of the things that really struck me was her complete honesty, be it good, bad or ugly she called it as she saw it, the hurt and the pain is all there, as is the anxiety and insecurities.While Carolyn Bessette came across as rather generous, I have never liked her and this book doesn`t change that.
Well written and easy to read it takes you into a time in Kennedy`s life that certainly had it ups and excitement but equally disappointments and downs but it is from the perspective of a true insider and in the end she has written a book that honours John`s faith and trust in her. It is well worth reading!

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