Sunday, February 26, 2012

Its a Scorcher Candy Floss...

And its only 10.45 am! At least it isn`t raining....
Jen`s left it too late...but maybe not.
Demi is recovering as quick as...
Pua gets married.
Drew Barrymore was snapped leaving a Doctors Surgery with Scan pictures so she may be preggers, it could be that she has broken her big toe but hey!
Ange and Brad are in hiding...
Jamie Ridge is pictured with more make-up on than is seemly on a girl of her age, you`d need to trowel it off! She and Dummy Boy wear matching sneakers, how cute.
Pippa is secretly engaged!! and planning her own Royal Wedding...
Jennifer Hudson tells Adele she needs to lose weight...
Posh is snappy, stressed and hungry!
Rachel Hunter loves her homeland.
Paul Henry strikes it hot in Australia.
Elizabeth Smart gets married and looks gorgeous while doing so.
Is Russell Brand dating? scary thought!
We visit Jesse Mulligans house and rather nice it is!
Lady Gaga is clucky??? oh dear!
Princess Mary of Denmark has an imitator and its her Sister in Law, Princess Marie...this could get real interesting!
Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are enjoying a forbidden romance...
Mel B has her Spice Girl body back..trying a wee bit hard me thinks.
Whitney Houston is farewelled in fitting style but still so sad to think she is dead at only 48 and there is concern for her daughter`s well being.
Metro is out and David Tamihere is the cover story, its his first interview in 20 years and right or wrong he has a story to tell, The nightmare of botched surgery, What can happen when you look for love on the Internet, Germaine Greer does she inspire you or infuriate you? Lots of great features and columns in a magazine that is getting better by the month, special mention must be made of the cover work on this edition( no I didn`t do it) riveting and pulls you in, exactly the way a magazine should.

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