Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jonah`s Last Chance....Candy Floss

In the final of a 3 parter we find out that Jonah`s Kidney has failed and he will need another transplant if he is to have any kind of quality in his life, very sad for his two little boys.
Kate is enjoying herself while William is away!
Demi is under a strict regime at the Rehab!
We get to go behind the scenes with the very funny( probably not if you are one of their victims ) Fashion Police!
Beyonce has got herself as trim and slim as... and we get the first picture of the very cute Blue Ivy, she looks like her daddy!
Ange says she won`t marry Brad! while Jen has disappeared from public view because she may finally be preggers!! then again maybe she`s not!
Oprah and Ellen are bidding for an interview with the lovely Pippa Middleton,the palace is in a panic at the thought of this....
Oh Dear, Jamie and Sonny Bills romance may not last... nothing in his life ever does so surprising it will not be! Mummy and Jamie look on rapturously as Sonny brings home the bacon...
Kris Humphries wants his and Kim`s divorce to be live on air...boggles the mind! While Kim and Le Ann Rimes have fallen not for each other but for Jesus!
Katy and Russell sign their divorce papers.
J.Lo and Casper take her twins to the beach..
Willow Smith has shaved her hair of...sounds as if this youngster might need some help.
Russell Crowe does the family thing...he`s always been a great hands on Dad!
Is Ryan Gosling Hollywood`s Mr Perfect?
The Rhinehart Family battle each other for control of Lang Hancock's billions...
Adele shares that fame won`t change her and heals from surgery.
Miranda Kerr and Samantha Harris share a Manhattan Moment.
Robert Downey Jr has a brand new son, Exon is his name and all is well.
Next Magazine is out and has Robyn Malcom on the cover and lots of gloss and glam inside.
North and South would like to know if our children are growing into spoiled brats...looks like it from here!

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