Sunday, March 4, 2012

Monkeeing Around Candy Floss...

I was too young to be putting up posters etc of Davy Jones but we never missed an episode of The Monkees, knew the words to every song and the children at ROPS still sing I`m a Believer, so its hats of to Davy whose legacy will go on, have a look at clips of the show on YouTube, very funny show indeed and that great leveller hindsight shows very clearly just how talented these guys were.
Uma`s pregnant and Elle`s upset...have a drink dear you`ll feel better or maybe not!
Alison Mau`s in love and engaged.
Nicky Watson is having a sizzling love affair...
Becks gives Posh the hard word...slow down!
Zachary attends Daddy`s Oscar Bash, dressed like David he didn`t seem all that wrapped in proceedings...
All the stars came out to play after the Oscars, gorgeous frocks and all and in J.Lo`s case her Toyboy looked about 15! Way to go Jen!!
The Queen, Camilla and Kate go out together and have a great time!
Pippa goes skiing with the very rich George Percy, she really wouldn`t be going out with a pauper would she?
Taylor Swift hits Town this week...
Melissa and Joan show us around their little pile...
Dawn French has a new man.
Minnie Driver reveals her son`s Daddy, no Toyboy here!
Prince Albert and Princess Charlene appear to be making progress towards the goal of shared happiness....
Colin Firth does the gentlemanly thing an escorts Cameron Diaz to her car at a pre Oscars party, she looked a little worse for wear!!
Does Rihanna still love Chris?
Lindsay Lohan`s face looks a fright to put it mildly! Such a gorgeous young thing she was.
Lucy Lawless shares how her life has changed...
Bret McKenzie brings home an Oscar!
David Shearer introduce is wife and family...
Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have a son to join their two daughters, his name is Samuel.
Is Snooki in the club?
Lisa Chappell is single and fancy free, having a blast!
We say goodbye to Cathy Campbell who trail blazed for Women to become Sports Presenters on T.V., she did an amazing job and never lost her niceness in the mix.

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