Sunday, May 13, 2012

And he`s cantered of to Florida Candy Floss...

Yes our old friend Captain Mark Phillips has been at it again! Phillips who was married to Princess Anne and who fathered a child by another woman during that time has now dumped his second wife Sandy and left her and 14 year old daughter Stephanie to run away to live in Florida with a much younger woman, aware that he may someday die, he wants to be happy! Such a thoughtful runt of a man isn`t he?
Poor old Reece Witherspoon, she had to zip out of town and attend a court hearing involving her parents in Tennessee, seems her father has married another woman while still married to her mother, a big no no!!!
Heidi and Seal... are they back together?
The women who know Colin M-J share his secrets....
Has the curse of Monaco returned?
John Travolta`s shocking double life exposed... some people never learn!
Mark Todd tells of his ups and downs and the twists that have turned his life around...
Jessica Simpson`s sells pictures of baby Maxwell for $800,000!
Elizabeth and Simone at a sports event together... and chatting or spatting?
Charlize shows us her new guy, his name is Jackson.
Emily Blunt proclaims " Marriage is Endless Fun!"... say what!
Linda and Francois square of in court to sort out support for 5 year old Augustin and then after all the ghastly revelations they reach an out of court settlement, neither parent came of particularly well but Linda Evangalista didn`t do herself any favours.
Richie, Ava and Denise go out to dinner.
Delta Goodrem and Joel Madden look very comfy on the cover of this weeks Who Weekly..yikes!
Miranda and Orlando have a great getaway with James and Erica Packer and Pat Rafter... kids and all!
Does J.Lo want to increase her child quota with Casper? Lets hope not!
Sandra Bullock shares her Mothering happiness with us... bless.
Carla Bruni is to resume her singing career... well hubby`s lost is job and you can`t get good cake these days!
Mira Sorvino welcomes her fourth child and Dennis Quiad puts his divorce on hold!
Benji Marshall gets engaged!
Anna Scarlett gets married!
Rihanna rushed to hospital
Gwen Steffani`s marriage hangs by a thread and Gwen gets skinnier by the day!
A Tanorexi Mum ?....truly frightful looking.
And Prince Charles reads the weather on T.V. and does a darn good job indeed!
Shortland Street celebrates 20 years on the telly and her Majesty celebrates endless years on the throne!

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