Sunday, June 24, 2012

League tables... what League tables Candy Floss..

Oh dear, Metro`s most popular issue is out and it focuses on Auckland`s Best and Worst Schools. This issue is one to get the blood pumping and next months issue will have letters, letters and more letters from the satisfied but mostly the aggrieved. This issue has a gorgeous cover featuring 4 of Auckland`s best up and coming at you students, including the very talented Blaise Clotworthy, whose family are not known to me at all!!!
The Browning of Auckland...what does it mean and what are the implications?
K Road Musical Theatre...
What happens when you feel you have to fly out of the Cuckoo`s nest?
Meet the survivors of a shipwreck that happened 50 years ago and hear a tale of bravery and courage.
Designer James Dobson tells us what he loves, some very stylish people photographed in Remmers.
Why has the Council created such a nightmarish wasteland between Victoria Park and the historical Birdcage... Yikes!
Reel Justice... the story of the Memphis 3, funded and produced by Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh and directed by Amy Berg attempts to set the story straight.
There are also some exceptionally good and some very funny columns in this magazine... consistently.
We meet the real Kate... inside her private world.
Mahe Drysdale tells how he can still win gold... he`s a good bet!
Adele battles with the bottle...
Michael Jackson`s Kiwi Makeup Artist shares...
Madonna hits Italy, so do George and Stacy and Ellen and Portia, Jen and Justin are there as well, visiting all the sights and cruising the waters.....
Kerre Woodham gives up the booze for a very good cause.
The Travolta`s hit Hawaii but spend most of their time apart... surprise, surprise.
Mrs Eastwood and Company... Clint`s wife has a new reality show, with old men and teenagers in the mix it`s bound to be fun!
Johnny Depp gets a new g/friend.... say it aint so!
Skin and Bones fears as stars shrink..
Toni Street blossoms...
Is Britney toxic on the X Factor.... Simon Cowell alert!
Will it be 3rd time lucky for Kate Winslett?
Kanye commits to Kim, while Kim blurts the families secrets to Oprah... what? nothing new amongst this retro mix!
Chris Hemsworth tells why it`s happily ever after for him...
Bobby Brown gets married again....
Drew`s new marriage has hit a speed bump, poor thing looks a bit fractious in the pics!
Tom Cruise has a hot new blonde...
Demi has a new man...
Prince William turns 30....
Sally Ridge shares her Beauty Secrets... weeping winnies, you won`t want to miss these!
Jack Osbourne has M.S., early intervention and medication will allow a pretty normal life.
And lastly the secrets of Twilight`s Finale are revealed... does that mean no more looking at sour face and her sidekick Robbo!!

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