Sunday, June 10, 2012

U Turn Candy Floss..

Which is exactly what the Minister of Education has done and admitted she got it wrong, wrong, wrong or her advisers did... Although sadly she doesn`t get that it is not the status of teachers that always influences the child`s outcome, it is more likely to be factors outside the school gates that play a very big part in weather or not a child succeeds or doesn`t.
Drew gets married and Miley gets engaged... which one will last?
The Queen trips the Jubilee light fantastic while the poor old DOE lies in a hospital bed... bless.
Mila Kunis is the victim of cruel taunts about her weight...tisk, tisk
Mary Kate Olsen`s partner is twice her age and probably twice her size!
Kanye and Kim are thinking about moving in together... he`d best be quick or she`ll change her mind!
Delta Goodrem and Brian McFadden are have a twitter war of words... not classy.
Gary McCormick rejoices in fatherhood at 60!
Madonna and her toy boy show off!
Kimberley Stewart`s little Delilah looks like her Daddy.
Posh lives on 535 calories per day...
Eva Longoria shares secrets from Desperate Housewives...
Chloe Lattanzi is looking healthy and happy...may it last!
Posh tells David " I`m not a machine" he wants 2 more kiddies....
Scout Willis gets arrested for underage drinking....
Neil Patrick Harris shares how he is loving being a parent to twins Harper and  Gideon who are 20 months old and very cute!
North and South is out and asks... Do you believe in Alternative Medicine? Are Gifted Children exactly that or is it a case of pushy parents? Chris Birt says that Police files hold the secret to the Crewe murders, Will it be the residents of Waihi who pay the price for the mining that is to take place in that area? Medicine`s greatest horror story... the use of Thalidomide by pregnant women happened 50 years ago, Donna Chisholm revisits the drug and its victims.
All of the Weeklies are chock full off Jubilee Stories and Pictures... you have been warned!

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