Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cover Overload Candy Floss....

Halle and Olivier who are feeling out of sorts at the moment!
Not a single cover is free of the Holmes/Cruise girls... like beacons they shine out at you from every billboard!
The Bitter Battle for Suri..
What Katie`s Parents knew....
Inside Katie`s Secret Escape...
I know Tom`s Big Secret....
The Scott Guy trial and the women left behind get some pages too... wouldn`t we all like to know who dunnit!!!
Kelly Osbourne and her purple hair have a meltdown...
Pippa wins back her Prince... she what?
Naomi Watts does a fantastic job as Diana, Princess of Wales in a new film, looks very similar to the late, great one!
Would Diana have coped with all the light being shone on Kate?
Brendan Cole is to be a daddy.
Jade Jagger gets married...the whole family is there including a rather sour looking Mummy!.
Halle Berry is in a bit of a grump... not only does she have to pay major child support to her ex, the courts won`t allow her to move to her Finace`s home country, France.
Beyonce and Kim... a friendship made in heaven, doesn`t look like it!
Matt Le Blanc comes back...
We see inside the sad, lonely life of Casey least unlike her daughter, she has a life.
Mark Wahlberg is all grown up... remember Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch and his famous Calvin Kleins!
Lauryn Hill faces jail time after pleading guilty to tax evasion... who will mind the children?
Wynonna Judd got married but neither Naomi or Ashley were present.
Eva Longoria is all alone again.... and her ex husband has a bout of eye trouble that could hamper his sporting ambitions.
Munter`s getting married
Jen and Justin are planning a Commitment ceremony.... what could they possibly be committing to?
Alex Baldwin throws a tanty or two as he remarries... a new, fresh young wife would stress anyone out!
Sally Ridge Bungy Jumps and bounces back!
Maria Shriver still looks good in her swimsuit, Justin and Selena walk in the park, while Ben Stiller helps his wife to overcome her addiction to prescription pills, Kourtney and Scott have a baby contract and  could J.Lo be hiding a baby bump?
All the pictures from Sir Elton John`s Diamonds and Tiara Ball.

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bermudaonion said...

Yep, I'm over Tom and Katie already - who cares!