Sunday, August 19, 2012

Engagement Joy for Jen Candy Floss...

Yes Indeed, Jennifer Aniston beams from the cover of every magazine as the reality sinks in, at last she`s off the shelf and really engaged! We hear all about the proposal, the ceremony, the gown, the ring, Ange`s rage at being out done by Jen and on and on it goes as the World rejoices!
Temepara George gets married on an idyllic island and looks simpy gorgeous!
Martin Henderson to bring Demi down to meet his parents... hardly likely!
Miley Cyrus crops her hair and dyes it blonde... not a good look.
Oprah`s on her 600th diet... its called The Bollywood Diet.
Lisa McCune and her co-star? Well the pictures do appear to tell a story and its not her husband in them!
Has John Mayer moved in with Katy Perry... be careful Katy!
Kate is not happy with her cousin, well the cover of Playboy isn`t where any of us would wish to see our cousin let alone inside the magazine!
Cameron Diaz and Portia De Rossi enjoy a joint Hairdressing appointment wearing similar outfits!
Is Kim Kardashian planning another White Wedding?
Prince Philip is back in hospital and her Maj is understandably upset.
Brendhan Lovegrove`s Booze Battle, after reading this I`d say he`s still got some denial issues there!
Bono enjoys a nice cruise with his celebrity friends on a gorgeous yacht and shows that a toned body is alluding him at present!
Does Lady Gaga wear the real thing... fur that is, not impressed with being asked!
Russell Crowe`s best Kiwi mate speaks out, he`s never ever seen a nasty side to his pal, gee those who have must have been deluded, not!
Sly Stallone steps out with his 3 beautiful daughters and equally lovely wife.
Rocco Ritchie sings and dances and shows he`s a chip of the Madonna block!
Will Rob and Kristen reunite?
Kelsey Grammer and his wife Katye introduce their daughter Faith...
Amy Winehouse`s ex husband Blake Fielder-Civil is in a coma...ghastly man, what goes around often comes around!
Sam Mendes takes the helm as the director of the next James Bond movie.
Kristin Cavallari has a son and we get our first peak at Sienna Miller`s daughter, Marlowe(gorgeous name)
The September Issue of Vanity Fair is out, with the gorgeous Duchess of Cambridge as its cover girl, for any one interested in who wears what, this is the issue for you!

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