Sunday, August 12, 2012

Golden Games Candy Floss....

Our Olympians have done us proud and our talley for such a small country is wonderful, to see so many of our athletes punch up so high as been just a delight, tears have been shed and smiles a mile wide evident, each medal makes a winner! Watching Lisa Carrington last night was a highlight, she just went like the wind when it counted!!!
Taylor Swift in love with a Kennedy? be careful, Conor`s father can be tricky at best.
Charlotte Dawson continues to whine about the terrible time she had living in N.Z., wiser choices Charlotte may have made your time more pleasant.
Camilla gets ready to come down under...
Lord Charles Spencer introduces us to his seventh child, Charlotte Diana named after his late sister, whom he misses every day... could have been nicer to her when he had the chance.
Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom holiday on Hamilton Island with their son Flynn who is rather cute.
Oprah Winfrey catches up with Rihanna in Barbados, lets hope the big O can talk some sense into this girl.
We get to meet Kourtney Kardashian`s daughter Penelope in a candy coloured photo shoot...
Natalie Portman gets married!
Kristen is melting down big time according to unnamed sources, a yelling match with her personal trainer in a car park looked ugly to say the least, Rob is drowning his heartbreak, while the wife of Kristen`s parmour continues to live her life, children first and no ring!
Maddox Jolie-Pitt celebrates his 11th birthday in style with a second hand dirt bike that he will ride on private land only... way to go Maddox!
Neil Patrick Harris, his partner and their twins joined Sir Elton, David and Zachary on a cruise in the South of France, some guys and one little princess have all the luck!!
Paris Jackson shows her devotion to Daddy!
Ashton and Mila hit Bali...
Pippa has the pip...
Poor old Jen takes Justin back...hello I can`t imagine it.
Will Mary-Kate really marry Nicholas Sarkozy`s much older than her and shonky looking brother?
Bella Cruise looks for a job... she apparently became surplus to requirements in Step Mum Katie`s Fashion House when things got rough....
Rachel and Tyson from The Block NZ share their love story...
The once beautiful ex-wife of Sly Stallone, Brigitte Nielsen has re-hit the bottle and its not pretty and neither are the ghastly pictures of Macaulay Culkin that for some inexplicable reason the Woman`s Day has chosen to run this week...the Editor of this magazine often makes unwise and tacky choices when it comes to what to publish and what not to.
North and South hits the shelf with Emily Longley and her Killer on the cover and asks Why are these smart, independent and spirited young women like Emily and Sophie Elliott dying for love?
In a Pickle over Plastics... what is true, what is not and really how do you choose what to believe...
Why are we so fascinated by Personality Tests?
As they always are, the columns and articles are first rate and well worth your reading time.

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