Sunday, August 26, 2012

Harry has a big night out Candy Floss....

"What could be better than a quite drink in this small town?"
And how spectacularly. Not a good idea to get smashed, pick up a bunch of random`s and then get naked, bound to end in tears and it has...
All the magazines devote space to Harry`s holiday and what a holiday it was.. way too go Harry!!
The Dopiest Ex Rugby player New Zealand ever produced and his equally dopey wife grace the cover of The Woman`s Weekly, gee their bankrupt but they and their 6 children will rise from the ashes, it will just take time, most punters would say that attempting to live like a toff when you have neither the money or background will end in disaster and it has in this case, just a shame that a magazine paid these two for their pathetically sorry story.
Kristen Stewart goes from misery to misery, couldn`t have happened to a nicer girl!
The bald dads of Hollywood and their beautiful young wives are out and about and showing of their new family additions.
Suri learns to ride a bike the old fashioned way...
The always down to earth  Jaquie Brown tells us about the joys and struggles of Motherhood and Work, and the effort need to balance it all out... new mums can listen to this lady with confidence.
Jen wants a Pre Nup... good heavens woman, its taken you long enough to get a ring, you are going to have to take a chance here and suck it up if he objects....
The Middleton siblings hit the town... nice looking brother, just saying...
Are Posh and Becks going to adopt to save their marriage? hmm lets wait up here.
How amazing... Madonna`s toy boy is the spitting image of J.Lo`s!
Did Katy get sick of John`s roving eye and sly smirk?
Has Britney got cold feet?
Have Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel managed to wed in secret?
Hollywood`s Hottest Dads and their Kids...
Uma Thurman shows of her baby girl... very sweet.
As her 4th pregnancy takes its toll, Tori Spelling uses a Mobility Scooter... way too go Tori!
Does Penelope Cruz have a secret?
Halle`s bitter custody battle.. rather sad this one.
Rosie O`Donnell has a heart attack!
Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy... yuck!
Lady Gaga says goodbye to Gluten!
Metro is out with its usual array of fine articles... NZ`s Best Universities, Cheap eats, Why police pursuits must stop, Scientologists in Auckland may have secrets being kept at their HQ, Rick Bryant and loads of well written columns and gorgeous spreads.
And we farewell Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, those of us who were alive on the day he took that first step will never forget it.

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