Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Grace A Memoir by Grace Coddington

From it stunning cover to its last illustration, this book is simply divine! Well written, gorgeously illustrated with both photos and hand drawn illustrations by Grace herself, her story unfolds at a leisurely pace but there are no speed bumps, no wobbles and no stodge whatsoever.
This book is a delight to read and a delight to look at, no stone is left unturned but it is done with dignity and taste and the most marvellous dollops of laugh out loud humour, from which she does not spare herself. There is something for those who love fashion and something for those who love the celebrity of fashion (me) in the pages of this book and basically it covers every base fashion wise.
Grace has lived the life, she has been there and done that and her writing reflects this, she is honest and fair, it hasn`t all been roses but she accepts this with a not too jaundiced eye.
The lovely chapter she wrote about the late Liz Tilberis will leave you in tears. Her hand drawn illustrations are a wonder and just reflect her talents and loves to a T, for me they were a highlight, especially the cats, I also love the way she captures the syntax of her subjects, makes it so real.She writes especially well about her relationships with various Editors, Designers and Photographers and how cool is it that she and Anna really, really love each other and who knew she`d been married more than once...
All in all, the best biography of 2012 and second only to The Fault In Our Stars as my best book of the year!
And as my daughter can tell you, she is a very kind lady indeed! Buy it for yourself and as a gift, its a winner!

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