Thursday, December 27, 2012

May we be forgiven by a.m. homes

This wicked, delightful satire which takes off like a rocket out of a launch pad was unput downable, it packed a punch on almost every page. It never lost pace, never became bogged down and simply dazzled me.
The story of an American family gone horribly haywire, the characters engaged on every level, they were drawn with a realism that made them feel like your neighbours and like your neighbours you will like some and loathe others.
The book took in such a diverse and interesting assortment of views, beliefs and lifestyles and explored the motivations of each and every character with honesty and compassion, yet the author never hesitates to put a little humour about and send up what we are often to P.C. to do. It was fascinating to see certain of the characters grow and change, spread their wings and take that jump. No one could fail to love Harry, the Nixon Scholar deeply mirred in the lore of  RMN, equally his brother George is as loathsome and disturbed as it is possible to be!
The journey of this character driven narrative is vast and wide and peppered with visits from the famous and the infamous and it is sprinked with the blackest humour possible and you will laugh! Love and redemption peak their noses firmly in as the journey ends and even the hardest of hearts will melt.
All in all, I adored this book, each and every may have helped that I have a soft spot for Richard Nixon and have visted his Birthplace and Presidential Library, that I love dysfunctional families and my sense of humour is so wicked that a lightning bolt is bound to get me one fine day! After The Fault In Our Stars and Gone Girl, this is my best read of 2012.

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