Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Magic Room by Jeffrey Zaslow

An absolutely beautifully written story of a small town Bridal Shop in Michigan, this book was an enlightening and delightful read, a study of human nature and its motivations when it comes to the matter of a Wedding Dress.
Thousands of women have come to Becker`s Bridal and thousands have gone into the Magic Room wearing the dress their heart desires, in this fascinating study takes the reader into the lives of the Family that has run this shop for generations and into the lives of a group of Brides who come to Becker`s looking to complete the Fairy Tale that so many dream of.
Dreams however don`t always come cheaply and they also don`t always come true, where they do there is often a speed bump or the unexpected hindering the path. Zaslows exploring of the lives of the Brides is done with a deft touch and a sensitive heart, as is his recounting of the lives of the Becker`s themselves, honest, true and open but never the less tacky does not appear but humor does.
This is also a story about expectations.. what parents want for their daughters and what the daughters themselves want, sometimes there are wide chasms, the book also asks the question.. is everything all about the wedding or does the actuality of marriage play apart? interesting question and it gets you thinking.
This book was a heart warmer and a tear jerker, it was also an exceptionally good read. I have ordered Zaslow`s previous book as I expect I will enjoy it just as much.
Jeffrey Zaslow died in a car crash after a book signing for this book, his talent will be missed.

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