Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick

This book has recently been made into a movie that has garnered great reviews and frankly if it is half as good as the book, its a winner!
The story of Pat and Tiffany, both challenged with Mental Health issues is a terrific read. It fairly zips along taking its reader on a journey that will leave you both stunned and breathless in parts and revelling in love and redemption in others. As well has their own issues both Pat and Tiffany have families that could on a good day be called disfunctional.
I loved the way the author built the story, introduced, developed and extended his characters. He drew them vividly and made them so relatable... you will have all at some time meet them. The back stories were equally well done and plotted to enter at just the right moment.
Football and Dancing played a sizeable part in this story with cameo`s by Hank Baskett, Bonnie Tyler and the unfortunate Kenny G(well at least in this story!).
For all the grit and grime, there was a lot of love and compassion and a huge amount of humor. Described by some as a romance story, I think it was alot more than that and the ending was very fitting and yes heart warming.
A wonderful read, available in Paperback and from the Library System.

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