Monday, April 1, 2013

The Hungry Season by T. Greenwood

This is the second book of Greenwood`s that I have read in a short while and like Grace, this was an enthralling and powerful read.
The story of Sam, Mena, Finn and Franny Mason, this book fairly dazzles in its honesty and intensity. Its heart is a story of Anorexia and the havoc that it wrecks both physically and emotionally.
We pick up the story after the death of Franny and travel along with her family as the try to put back the pieces of their shattered lives in a manner that could only be called disastrous and yet one can so easily identify with them, can cleave to their experiences and will them on to healing, of a sort.
The characters are wonderfully drawn; rich and vivid, shallow and empty, loving and honest, deceitful and mistrusting, as painful as their experiences and sharing of them can be you simply can`t help but feel a warmth which pulls you helpless to resist toward them.
At times a very gritty read, the words the author uses can not be described as anything but wondrous, what a gift Greenwood has that she can have you lusting after the ordinary and relating to the mundane as if it is goldust. For me in particular it was her descriptions of the Mason home, so simple but so gorgeous and the food preparation would have even me wishing to be Martha Stewart!
This book was unput downable, it simply raced along and not one word was lost in a mire at anytime.
It  also had a really suspenseful aspect to its plot which kept me enthralled and the twists and turns were very well done, right up until almost the last page you could not quite be shaw where it was going to go or what exactly was going to happen.
All in all this book has cemented Greenwood in my mind as a great writer and I`ll soon be on to No 3, sadly you can`t buy her books on the shelf in New Zealand but you can order them and you can also get them through the Library System, well worth the effort!!

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