Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Vogue Factor by Kirstie Clements

A well written, easy to read expose of the Fashion Industry from a Magazine Editors point of view, for anyone with the slightest interest in fashion this is a must read.
There would be very little to do with this often polarizing industry that Clements hasn`t seen, weather it be good, bad or ugly and she tells her story with a light touch but with the authority of someone who really does know what she is talking about.
There is very little bitchiness in this book but some awfully good stories are very well retold featuring those who really do have a voice in the industry and those that think they do....
There is a lot of humour and Clements doesn`t hesitate to make herself the butt of a story, there is a lot of glitz and glamour and alot of sheer hard work, the stress levels must be enormous, second only to teaching I would imagine!
There can be little doubt that Clements has worked hard and from a young age, she has certainly used her initiative to advance herself, she also has common sense in spades and comes across as someone whom it would be cool to have a drink with. The book shows that for all her experiences Clements never lost the essence of what made her Kirstie Clements and this has served her well, especially when her time at Vogue ended with the proverbial bang!
I think on reflection you would be rather hard pressed to find a better role model for young girls wishing to work in this sometimes daunting business; honest, fair and taking no prisoners, Clements inadvertently laid the path that many have followed in this ever changing world of Fashion and Magazines.
A great read, this book was always entertaining and once started I couldn't` put it down. Available in Trade Paperback and via the Library System.

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