Monday, June 3, 2013

Musings from Middle Age by Kerre McIvor

This is a delightful book, honest, truthful and full of laugh out loud moments. It is a book that has been carefully thought out and packed with hard won wisdom.
Kerre McIvor has taken her own experiences of aging and spread them out for all who want to see, to see. There is nothing fusty or self righteous, this is no self help manual in the accepted sense but amongst the bon mots there is a real punch packed one that will resonate loudly with anyone who has gone down this path or who is about to begin that long slow walk into middle age and beyond.
McIvors empathy and compassion coupled with her own honesty are what makes this book unique and special and worth its weight in gold, a number of my friends have read it, their first comment is"but she is so right" and be you a Celebrity from Auckland or a Teacher from Hamilton, you will get this book and be comforted and reassured and spend hours hooting with laughter!
A great read for anyone 40 or over and an excellent goft idea for anyone you may know who is struggling with the concept of "Middle Age"

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