Sunday, September 29, 2013

Who Killed Scott Guy? by Mike White

This well written book, does a terrific job of laying out the case that the police brought against Ewan MacDonald over the killing of his brother in law Scott Guy, a trial that ended in an acquittal for MacDonald.
When Guy was brutally gunned down in 2010 the nation was outraged, a young farmer killed in his prime, a father, a husband, a supposed alround good guy with whom most got along... a glamorous wife, a gorgeous sister, respected parents and family on all sides, this story was combustible, a powder keg waiting to explode and MacDonald's trial and its stunning end saw this happen.
White crosses every bridge, walks every road and examines most hay bales to bring you the story and he doesn`t hesitate to throw in facts and unpleasantness that may cause discomfort, in other words as a Journalist and a Writer he does his job and he does it very well indeed, gets you thinking and examining and wondering and imagining.
This book is likely to join that long shelf which contains New Zealand Non Fiction crime writing, a shelf full of many very well written and thought provoking books, something we are very good at in New Zealand.
For anyone remotely interested in the Scott Guy story grab a copy of this book, its a goodie! And who knew that more than one person connected to this case wrote unsigned notes and left them in a letter box? And if you read somewhere that Kylee Guy`s sister has dismissed the book, fear not, this fact should serve as an inducement to buy the book!


Anonymous said...

How unfortunate that you read this story thinking it was a fair summary of the facts.
There are many reviews of this book and all are scathing.
If you think a devasted widow and vicitm deserves to be defamed then that is clearly a reflection on your own character.
This book is an absolute disgrace

Marion said...

Oh far as I am aware no one has sued Mike White for defamation.I would hardly think you are in any position to judge my character I attatch my name to everything I write unlike you...whats with being Anonymous?