Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Game of Thrones by George R.R.Martin

As the struggle for the Iron Throne begins we are introduced to the people and places that populate the first instalment of Martins thoroughly enjoyable historical/fantasy page turner.
And what interesting characters ride through the pages of this book slowly evolving as in alternate chapters their story or perspective on events is told.
Martin is obviously a master storyteller because he manages in my opinion to invest his reader in both the plot line and the individual characters and in telling a huge story with dozens of characters at no stage does the plot become boggy and neither do you lose track of the characters or feel overwhelmed at trying to place people and events previous, it all fits neatly and recall is easy. Like all stories of this ilk there are characters you will like and characters you will despise. The action is often fast and the battles stomach turning, but there is much beauty as well, twists and turns and the unexpected abound just when you think.. well never mind, the human heart is a mysterious thing and it is this as well as the overwhelming desire for power that give this book and its characters their voice and use their voice they will, from the high and mighty to the poor and powerful. Love with its many implications, pure and rotten runs through this book like a stream and it is the warping of this coupled with superstition that enlarges the readers experience.
This book was a 5 star read, I couldn't`t put it down and at 780 pages it is massive, I loved it and am now 100 pages into Book 2, weather I make it to the end of the series remains to be seen but Book 3 has been bought, I must say fantasy has never been my thing so I'm fascinated to be enjoying that aspect of the books, the historical side I have always loved...this could be The War of Roses on steroids!
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