Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Double Grammy Candy Floss

It was a Golden Day for New Zealand yesterday...buckets of congratulations to Ella and Joel, you have done us all proud!
Doing us less proud is the Editor of the Woman's Day, Sido Kitchin, who has chosen to use papped pictures of Lorde enjoying herself with family and friends on holiday, as the Mother of a Daughter she should be ashamed of herself, let's hope her daughter Cleo's privacy is never compromised...
Aaron Cruden got married and sold the story, it was a very nice wedding.
Was Nigella involved with Charles before hubby no 1 expired, Charles says yes!
Is creepy old Johnny Depp engaged to Amber Heard..yuck,she can have him!
Gwyneth Paltrow and her usually non visible husband Chris Martin are making nice in public..Gwyneth looks positively dazzled, may have mistaken him for someone else I think....,
Shavaughn Ruakere is off to L.A. to try her luck, as most New Zealand actresses seem to be doing.
Lady Louise Windsor has successful eye surgery, Zara Tindall names her little girl Mia and cousin Harry has supposedly made some sort of pact with that dreadful Cressy, the one who doesn't appear to have much like for the common folk...Grow up Harry and find someone suitable!
Hard times for Tori and Dean....rehab for Dean with timeout to visit the kiddies apparently, he is looking a bit ragged!
Ashlee Simpson engaged..
Kim Kardashian wants to be a pregnant bride...she what?? Cutest pictures of North out there, looks like a little sweetie and very smiley!
This week Jen and Justin are planning a wedding, next week it will all be over!
Bruce Jenner has a shock op....what can this and the manicured fingers possibly mean?
Tem and Rena reunite....
Daughter Willow wears a helmet on a bike ride but Pink doesn't, intelligent or what?
Justin Bieber has a wee bit of trouble to deal with...child star anyone?
Cate Blanchett does Disneyland with the kids.
Katy Perry prayed as a teenager for boobs and look, god answered! Giselle anyone?
Gwen Stefani is awaiting another boy delivery...think she may have wanted pink.
Blue Ivy turns 2 and what a party!
Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky are expecting twins... Busy, busy!
The French President gives every appearance of being a love rat, he may have moved to a younger model....
Danni Minogue and her beau hit a Farmers Market...way too go.
Megan Gale shares her difficulties in the quest to become a Mother.
Scarlett Johansson shares her latest falling in love story...
Naomi Watts hits The Home Depot, fills the trolley...may like to garden by the looks of it!
Christie Brinkley after 4 failed marriages is still sexy at 60!
Michelle Obama hits 50 and celebrates big time....
Golden Globe gowns abound; some good, some bad and some truly ghastly...the stylist let you out of the house in that?
And in this weeks cover story, the overpaid Richard and Amy Kahui, introduce us to their newborn daughter Scarlett, complete with requisite dramas and Mummy re colouring her hair back to blonde, the Woman's Weekly is attempting to sell this story as if these two are some sort of example to the Nation, they are not, if it wasn't for this 3 parter, no one would know who they were, let alone care...McCaw, Carter, Weepu are national stars, they interact with the public, they put themselves out there, Richard Kahui does what? Oh plays in Japan.
I love this picture of Lorde, it is so 17 and you find yourself fronting up to god knows how many people.. how would you have looked?.

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