Friday, January 17, 2014

Spelling It Like It Is by Tori Spelling

I love Tori Spelling, her books are light, easy reads with lots of humor, mostly directed at herself.In her books Tori spends plenty of time debunking the various myths that the tabloid media perpetrate about her, her marriage, money woes etc.. In other words she puts her own spin on her own life and tries to reclaim it.
Like her previous books, this is easy to read and disarmingly honest, full of life adventures, misadventures and medical catastrophes that defies belief, it's actually hard to believe that she is still alive! Dean sounds like a Saint in the City and Liam and Stella, her two eldest children who may or may not need copious amounts of therapy will probably grow up to be two of the kindest and most compassionate people on this planet, their early life experiences will ensure this. I must also say that her Step Son Jack sounds a sweetie, what he makes of some of his Tori life adventures may one day make a good read!
All in all another great read, which made me laugh hysterically in places and shake my head in wonder in others. Well done Tori, I'm waiting for your next one!

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