Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sizzling Candy Floss

Schapelle's out of the poky and camped at a luxury Spa Resort but like a Deer trapped in the Headlights, she can't go anywhere or do anything, she's had to back down on a million dollar interview or back in she will go and whatever money she makes, she can't take into Australia as it's deemed to be the proceeds of crime...oh dear!
Did the biggest loser, Lise too much? Sure looks like it!
Tiger Lily Hutchence, 17 and quite grown up.
Miranda Kerr's family is at war and it appears to be over money, a very sad story indeed.
Has Heidi Klum got herself a toy boy?
Brad and skinny whinny Angel return to the States.
Bonny Prince George has his first holiday.... Very upmarket and swell but that's the way the Grands roll...
Benji Marshall's wife raves on and on and about self absorbed garbage!
Jessica Alba takes her kids to the park while Michael and Catherine reunite and take theirs to the Super Bowl.
Leeann Rimes splashes in Hawaii while Eric Bana paddle boards in Melbourne.
Martin and Lorraine share their endless love while Keisha Castle-Hughes and husband Jono take one for the team and separate temporarily, she is in L.A. trying to resurrect her some what dormant career while he lives and works down here... Sadly she has let life and bad choices get in the way and may find it too late!
 Christie Brinkley turns 60 and is as whiny and plastic as ever...4 husbands, is it any wonder..oh, none of it was her fault!
Tori spends Valentines Day with the children and Jen gets hair extensions to keep Justin happy!
Where has Pippa's boyfriend Nico gone....
Has Trinny Woodall really launched an attack on Nigella?
Sam Hayes and Claire Robbie who used to be married to Dominic Bowden and who is now strangely pregnant and re partnered with someone else share their special bond... Better article might be the one detailing her marriage to Mr I'm A Celebrity......
Ian Thorpe rehabs...
Adam Parore and his partner Miller Rose double barrelled gaze at each other.....
Creepy Depp and Amber kiss each other in public...yuck!
Are Nicole and Keef having issues?
Is Tom looking for a new wife?
Mel B and her pals have a rather raunchy boat party on Sydney Harbour...very down and dirty.
David and Victoria at loggerheads? Never!
Khloe has a new boyfriend, he's a rapper and Mummy likes him....
Demi Moore finds peace with her very own guru!
Bruce Jenner has a gorgeous new dip-dyed bouffant.. New hairline anyone?
Jade Jagger, Mick's 42 year old daughter is pregnant as is her daughter, puts a whole new spin on keeping it in the family!
Gwen Stefani has the baby shower to die for, not expense spared and gifts galore.
Cate Blanchett and her husband have an Open Marriage, they share an email account.
Sad news that Julia Roberts sister Nancy has passed away due to a number of issues.
For those of us that remember her, Shirley Temple passed away this week, the epitome of a child star who grew up, made some mistakes but who developed into a well rounded woman who served her Country with dignity and grace...
And finally, for some unimaginable reason the singer formerly known as Elizabeth Marvelly has thrown in the Pop Opera genre, wants to be a Pop Princess called Lizzie...I hope she doesn't really think she can foot it with Lorde!
And finally, finally Ex All Black Victor Vito married his Princess Amber, two more self absorbed individuals probably don't exist.....

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