Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Collected Works of A.J.Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin

Recommended by an exceptionally good American blogger, this book is absolutely wonderful, divine and amazing plus heartwarming. It is one of the best reads ever.
The story is centred on a lonely, rather bitter Bookseller A.J.Fikry who hasn't had an easy time of it and the unexpected turn his life takes when a young child is abandoned in his bookstore.
What could have been mawkish and predictable was not, instead the story with its twists and turns is entirely believable, the characters as real as the folks next door, the words placed exactly where they should be.
There is a wonderful warmth about this book, set in a bookstore the pages breathe books and the love of them, books change lives and we see it here as people change, develop, live their lives either complex or simple, some with surprising secrets but all with a central pull, the books that A.J.Fikry recommends and sells to them.
There are twists and turns in the journey, they all give this book a push, an impetus to power on an unfurl a rather multifaceted core of love, love is at the heart and soul of this book and it will make you laugh and cry. I just loved it.
Available from all good Booksellers and the Library Service.

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