Sunday, May 25, 2014

West all Over Candy Floss

Yes indeedy Kayne, Kim and little North all share the same surname, the knot has been tied, brother Rob went home in a snitch and the pictures are yet to be revealed to the collective gaping world!
Benji and Zoe Marshall tell us how they didn't want to leave New Zealand, don't be sad guys, we are not sad to see you go, frankly you were heartily disliked and as Mr Marshall couldn't play to save himself...income would have soon dried up! And surprise, surprise he ain't going great guns for his new league team either!
Drew Barrymore shows off her gorgeous little family...
Cressida dolls herself up in a attempt to show Harry what he's missing, one would imagine he has already seen all there is to see by now.....
Miranda Kerr has a new man while Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden get it on!
 Boy do Charlize Theron and Sean Penn look like Happy Campers!
Courtney Love claims to have tried to safe Peaches Geldof, quite frankly if Peaches could not be saved by the fact that she had two young, dependent children then nothing Courtney did would have registered....
George Clooney engaged....until this guy actually shows us his marriage certificate I won't believe it....
Beyoncé and the family play at happy times....
Is Julia Roberts marriage hanging by a will be sad if this is true.
Milan and Ashton, so sweet....
Poppy Delevingne goes up the aisle accompanied by Supermodel sister Carla.
Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey waving from opposite hotel balconies in  New Orleans....sharing the family love, while in New York the Jolie-Pitt kids have a ball!
It's ten years of marriage for Prince Frederick and his Australian Princess Mary.
Jon Hamm opens up and shares his sometimes difficult path to stardom.
Monica Lewinsky speaks out about the ordeal that followed the revelation that she was having an affair with the then President William Jefferson Clinton.......
Jennifer Lopez shares her thoughts on love, kids and looking good..yawn.
Ariana Huffington shares her struggles and success, hard work and a determination to learn and change..well done you.
Dawn French shares her fathers parting gift..
A corrie star marries her long time partner.
Helen Mirren isn't scared by turning 70.....well the rest of us might be!
Megan Gale shows off baby River.
Ex New Zealand Cricket Superstar Chris Cairns heads to London to answer a few questions he may be asked re match fixing, idiot supreme Lou Vincent also a former top notcher has been charged and may have to pay a big price for the choices he is alleged to have made......
Lorde goes well at the Billboard Awards, no real surprise, she is more than good and at 17 & a half she has a long and productive future ahead of her!

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