Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Engagements by J.Courtney Sullivan

In 1947 Mary Frances Gerety who worked as a copywriter for an advertising agency wrote down 4 words which were to change diamond advertising forever.
The diamond which represents the attainment of love for most young woman is the cornerstone of this absolutely divine novel by a writer whose work I have admired for ages.
Focusing on relationships, love, commitment, betrayal , this novel takes it's readers through the lives of a group who have as much disparity as they do commonality and yet where the heart is concerned, the universal wish is the same.
Well written, with well developed characters who reveal themselves in chunks as their story progresses, it is easy to become invested in both characters and story. The book swiftly moves, yet never hurries, there is a depth and a well of emotion in this books pages, be it warmth or harshness. Each story stands alone and yet Sullivan links them seamlessly so that as time travels, the actions undertaken in one era will have repercussions of some sort in another era which makes for fascinating reading, the lives of people totally unknown to each other will collide and in unexpected ways.
This was a wonderful read, I enjoyed every page, especially those dealing with revenge, this book is a mixture of light and substance and life issues very well done in the hands of a very talented writer. It is also well worth tracking down Commencement and Maine, Sullivan's earlier works.
In most good Bookshops and libraries.

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