Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dirty Rocker Boys by Bobbie Brown

No, this book is not written by the makeup guru, this is a different Bobbie Brown all together.
Growing up as a very pretty young thing and becoming a model, our Bobbie finds herself in Rock n Roll hell, via a marriage to Warrants Jani Lane and an off-on relationship with Motley Crues Tommy Lee.
Her story is not new but it is entertainly told and without a lick of self pity...plenty of regrets to be sure but no pity party and plenty of responsibility own up which does make a change.
The promise of a bright future blighted by drugs, drink, sex and hair metal, this lady knew everyone...the good, the bad and the ugly and it was mainly the latter two which ruled her life until she finally got a grip.
Some very good stories, some which will probably embarrass the badass she's telling on...hello Pamela Anderson, a lot of humour and self depreciation and a lot of wisdom earned the hard way.
A well written read which wasn't too taxing, it was enjoyable and it didn't have that pall of gloom over it that some of these memoirs have, it reflected back the time it was set in and paints quite the cautionary tale when it comes to alcohol.
Available in Hardcover and via the Library System.

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