Saturday, April 4, 2015

And a few more.....

Watch Me by Anjelica Huston
The second round of Anjelica Huston's life story was a fabulous read, chokka full of Hollywood stories that only a real insider could tell, much of the book is devoted to Jack Nicholson, her great love and the source of much heartbreak. It is an open and revealing book, Huston's honesty shining throughout, she has been fair and balanced, a little anger, a lot of humour and a lot of stories....some good, some bad and some a bit ghastly but that's her life and she owns it!5/5

My Sunshine Away by M.O.Walsh.
A thriller with a narrator looking back in time, this book is beautifully and skilfully written, with a great plot, characters that grow before your eyes and twists and turns that will hold your attention until the last page. This is not my usual type of book but the wonderful writing and engaging characters kept me reading at a reasonably rapid pace. It must be said that this book gets you thinking and what I found especially interesting was memory and what we take and perceive from it.

A Spool of Blue Tread by Anne Tyler.
I am a huge Anne Tyler fan, I love everything she has written and I certainly loved this book. Set in Baltimore and centred on the Whitshank family, it pulled you in as Tyler tends too and I didn't want to get out. The ageing of the senior Whitshanks and the complications that arise for their family as a consequence provide the books platform, with interesting but seemingly ordinary characters the story rolls along and as circumstances change so to do people. I love Tyler's characters, they nearly always start out seeming so average and unremarkable but are a lot less so by the story's end. It is the ordinariness of Tyler's characters and settings that seem to work so brilliantly, her hand is deft, she tells you what you need to know and then starts the journey. Tyler also throws in a lot of humour and she isn't adverse to twists and turns. Loved it!5/5

The Husbands Secret by Liane Moriarty.
A book that has been getting a lot of good buzz and frankly after reading it I can see why. Great plot, great characters, easy to read and very engaging, it wasn't a book that could be put down. It was thought provoking, a book that got you thinking about  choices, those we make that may impact on our whole lives. Set in Sydney, Australia and based in a middle class community, the characters and their lives are easily recognisable excepting for the fact that each has had an occurance that has heavily impacted on their lives. To tell you much more would spoil the book for you, except to say   are twists and turns and yes there is a Secret...
This was a great read, it hooked me from the beginning, Moriaty may be decried by those that say she writes chick lit, she doesn't.     

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