Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oprah by Kitty Kelley

Kitty Kelley is the Mistress of the slash and burn biography, she leaves no stone unturned in her always vigorous pursuit of her subjects truth. She takes no prisoners and gives no heed to any warning that her subject would prefer the truth to remain covered up. Her books are always massive in volume, sparky, witty and cutting in prose. In the case of Oprah, Kitty starts with her sometimes disputed paternity and goes on to paint a vivid portrait of a woman who always wanted to be admired, who even by her detractors would have to be called hardworking and dedicated even if her causes are often shrouded in controversy. Oprah has a wonderful talent for charm, smarm and gladhanding, yet for all of those attributes you could equally say that she is disingenuous and Kelley does...after all her engagement to Stedman has gone on for so many years you give up counting and why leave Stedman at home and go camping with Gail?Her loyalty could also be questioned, she was whippet smart in dumping Hillary Clinton whose favour she had curried for years in favour of Barack Obama when she felt it prudent to do so, she is rather powerful media wise and uses this without hindrance to benefit her favourites, if she likes you or thinks the public likes you, she will be mighty helpful..may even let you jump on her couch! Unlike one of her couch jumpers she didn't even attempt to have the book banned although Kelley was Persona Non Grata with many American T.V shows, they didn't want to irritate Oprah and therein lies her greatest power.
Oprah Winfrey is as this book so clearly points out a mix of good and bad and no one weather liking or lumping her could dispute that there is any one in our modern age who has done more to promote reading than she has done through her book club, the depth and breadth of her selections really is amazing, check out her book club picks on her website, it was Oprah who really introduced me to fiction and for that I will always be grateful. An excellent, well written book that never slackens its pace. Bravo Kitty!!

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