Sunday, January 30, 2011

Anniversary Candy Floss

The Australian Womens Weekly is out and Wendy Petrie is the cover girl.

Modern Princesses...very glam indeed!

Reuniting with your first love (could be tricky!)

Living Legends...Betty White is the winner here.

How to turn back the clock (a beauty update, start now and don't waste a moment)

Meals on a budget, cooking, baking, cooking...this magazine likes food but along with all the recipes it then tells you how to drop a dress size and shares amazing weight loss stories...mixed messages or what?

Jennifer Aniston is apparently getting a baby (not sure how or when)

Rebecca Gibney is selling her Tasmanian house.

Stefanos wedding...

Fergies Royal Reprieve.

J.Lo nearly left Mark...

Orlando's out and about with baby Flynn.

Kate takes charge of her wedding!

Oprah introduces her secret sister!

Gwyneth shares that marriage really is tough!! Wow what a revelation for we mere mortals!

Sandra Bullock is heartbroken but determined that Jesse's children will, with her help come to love their new step mum...

Penelope Cruz is a Mum...

Shorties Beth Allen shares her marriage plans,

Matt Damon tells us all about mixing fatherhood with being a film star and Simone Warne has a new man (why would you bother after wasting half your life on Shane Warne!)

And in a truly lovely story Shane and Nerida Cortese share their struggle to have a second child and talk honestly and openly about their son Kees Autism, their courage and dignity is inspiring.

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