Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chosen by Chandra Hoffman

Chloe Pinter, the central character in this gripping novel is young, idealistic and truly wants to make her Clients happy, her motive to create Families is noble but sadly Chloe is not really able to take into account the agendas, desires, longings and motivations of those she so wants to serve. Chloes blindspot is her inability to factor in the struggles, stresses and strains that the life change of parenthood bring, equally the consequences for those that give up their baby for adoption are not painted into her picture and lead her and two of her clients down the a path that no one could imagine. Adoption is a biggie in the U.S. and private agencies appear to be a dime a dozen, although there are rules and regulations these vary from agency to agency and state to state and the competition for the Birth Mother is brutal, what about Birth Fathers is a question this book raises in a very powerful and compelling way, do they matter? Do they have rights? This book also raises the question of adoption motivation, get as much out of the agency and then change your mind, this appears to be an often seen scenario, the other side of the coin is why do couples wish to adopt? Do both partners feel the same? What happens when they don't?

This book was gritty and very real, short chapters, interlinked characters, multiple narrators and it worked beautifully, it also asked the question do we ever really know what we want?Could it be that sometimes we want what everyone else has and what society tells us we should have, are we sometimes so bound to expectation that we become blind to the wants and needs of those closest to us, a thought provoking book.

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